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Our most popular and versatile gravel, whether you're building or repairing a driveway or parking lot, prepping for concrete, or any other project that requires extreme compaction this is the product for you. Once drove on or tracked/compacted with machinery this rock hardens like concrete! 

#57 Limestone

  • It is completely the driver's descresion on where it is safe and where they will not be stuck on where they dump load at. If you are not at delivery area at time of delivery the load will be dumped at where the driver decides is most appropriate. We recommed placing a marker to intended dump area to avoid confusion and misplacing of materials. If driver decides that for any reason that area is not accesable, they will dump load as close as possible to desired area. Spreading and grade/dirt work is avaliable upon request but SPREADING IS NOT INCLUDED IN GRAVEL PURCHASE PRICE. Please call to arrange spreading prior to purchase to aquire estimate. By completing purchase you agree to these terms and conditions

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